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student skincare tips

5 Easy Skincare Tips for Uni Students

As a university student, it can be difficult to find much time outside of your studies, work responsibilities and social life. But you should always make time for self-care, especially when it comes to your skincare routine. We teamed up with Noughty Skin and Body Care to put together a list of steps to get you on your way!

studying abroad university

A Step-by-step Guide to Choose a University Abroad

Rather than an international tag on the certificate, studying abroad can level up your life on different levels. To help you make a decision, we are here with a step-by-step guide to choose the perfect University abroad.

student mental health

6 ways to take control of your mental health and wellbeing

Learning how to build self-belief and gain an understanding of how to cope when things don't go to plan is a fundamental aspect of ensuring positive mental health.

finances studying abroad

How to Manage Your Finances While Studying Overseas

When you’re studying abroad, it’s all fun and games until you realise you’re on the verge of being broke! You need a plan to manage your finances. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

new student accommodation

Tips On Settling Into Your New Student Accommodation

Heading off to university can be a scary experience for many reasons. Knowing that you have accommodation lined up is vital.

student accommodation cleaning

‘Ditch & Switch’ Your Commercial Cleaning Products

While some of us dread to think of chores, there are many who truly enjoy a good cleaning session. How can we continue to enjoy cleaning without ingesting toxic chemicals?

earth friendly terminology students

A Guide to Earth-Friendly Terminology

Plastic and paper contribute towards pollution, deforestation, spread toxins, and threaten wildlife. To reduce waste and help save the ecosystem, consider bringing products or materials with earth-friendly terminology on them to your student accommodation.

student career tips CV

Our Best Tips for Creating Your Best CV

What type of CV will really make you stand out amongst your peers when applying for jobs and internships? Read on below to find out how to create a CV that will wow employers and get you one step closer to landing your dream job or internship.

student productivity university

How to Increase Your Productivity While at University

Being a university student comes with lots of demands: attending classes, keeping your grades up, holding a full or part-time job, socialising, taking time for yourself and more. When you have a life chock-full of to-dos, it is vital that you spend your time very wisely.

student recipe baking

Hot Cross Muffins Baking Class Recipe

One of the most traditional Easter treats, Hot Cross Buns, are loved by many! But have you ever tried Hot Cross Muffins? Check out this great recipe and join Hannah Trueman, a nutritionist and dietician, on Thursday, 1st April, from 7pm via Instagram Live for a fun baking class!