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student natural haircare

Transitioning to Natural Haircare

When you’re making the transition to natural haircare products from conventional haircare, essentially, you're asking your hair to go through a detox process. With knowledge of what to expect and a few handy tips, you’ll be on your way to natural hair heaven in no time.

lgbtq students

Supporting Our LGBTQI+ Residents Through

Although Pride Month 2021 is over, the conversation about the support and inclusion of the LGBTQI+ community is far from it. Check out our list of LGBTQI+ organisations that provide a wealth of resources, information and support to those within the community and allies.

student money tips

5 unexpected ways to make money as a student

Brits are turning to side hustles as the coronavirus pandemic has left many of us short of cash. If you're a student, there are lots of useful ways to earn money!

lgbtq pride playlist 2021

2021 Pride Playlist

Pride Month 2021 is beginning to wind down, but just because June is over doesn’t mean our celebration is. As part of our extended Pride Month mini blog series, we have put together a list of our favourite LGBTQI+ celebratory anthems. Read on for the full list to add to your Pride Playlist!

student living sheffield

5 reasons to study in Sheffield

Located in the heart of the United Kingdom, Sheffield offers a unique mix of lively city life, green spaces and a friendly community. With two world-class universities - the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, there are many other reasons which draw students to Sheffield.

self-care for university students

How to Prioritise Your Self-Care as a University Student

While it is important to focus on your university career, it is even more important to focus on taking care of yourself. Student Minds has recently launched Student Space, a platform full of expert information and advice to help you through the challenges of coronavirus, and we are on a mission to help them spread the word.

lgbtq students pride month

Our Favourite LGBTQI+ Books In Celebration of Pride Month

June is Pride Month, and Abodus would like to mark the occasion in a very special way! Check out our list of 10 of our (and our residents’) favourite LGBTQI+ books. Ranging from light-hearted fiction books to autobiographies covering the heavier and more difficult topics.

Woman rests her head on a friend's shoulder

How We’re Working with Student Minds to Support the Most Impacted Groups

In March of this year, we launched our Gold Partnership with Student Minds, which has supported our ongoing commitment to our residents' health and wellbeing. Over the past two months, we have continued with our commitment through our own means, suc ...

Abodus student accommodation

Why Abodus? 7 Reasons to Choose Abodus as Your Home from Home

Choosing where to live while at university can come as a difficult decision. Don’t you want your accommodation to be somewhere that is “more than just a room?”. Learn more about why choosing Abodus will be one of the best decisions you make for your university career.

exercise & haircare for students

Sport, Sweat And Hair (With Noughty Haircare)

To have healthy hair, you need a healthy body and that means moving it more. We caught up with yoga instructor Heather Leary for a chat about managing your mane when you live life at a sporty full speed.