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student accommodation Christmas

Abodus Advent Calendar 2020

2020 has been a strange year for us all. We know that with travel restrictions in place, you may not be able to get home this Christmas. Check out our list of 24 fun and festive activities to keep you busy this Christmas!

Budget Your Way Through the Holiday Season

Budget Your Way Through the Holiday Season

The holidays are looming and that can only mean one thing— It’s time to get started on your Christmas shopping! When you’re on a student’s budget, it can be absolutely terrifying. Check our top nine tips for budgeting your way through this holiday season.

student accommodation flat

Tips for Organising Your Flat

Why is it that the smallest spaces seem to get the most cluttered and disorganised the quickest?! Read on to find out how you can organise your flat in a simple, effective way, without causing total burnout and overwhelm.

student living tv shows

Top 5 TV shows to give you a happy glow

Grabbing a bowl of popcorn and watching some feel-good TV can bring exactly what you need to relax, recharge your batteries and get ready to tackle the remaining part of this semester.

student living Halloween

How to Host a Virtual Halloween Party

Just because you can’t go “out out” for Halloween this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t still carve out a good time on the night at your student accommodation! Here are 10 tips for pulling off a successful Halloween party during this strange year.

student living best subscription boxes

Best subscription boxes to treat yourself to this autumn

This year has been so different for all students, both those living and those in student accommodation. Signing up for a subscription box can be exactly what you need!

self-isolation student accommodation

Ideas to keep you engaged if you're self-isolating in student accommodation

If you're self-isolating by yourself or even with your flat, it can feel really lonely. If you’d like some ideas of what you can do at your student accommodation, check this out.

student accommodation recipes

Top 5 recipes to try in your first month at university

When all the buzz of the first few weeks settles and you start to get into a new university routine, you might find yourself struggling to think of new meal ideas. Check these out!

Brighton student life

Alternative Brighton Student Bucket List

Brighton is an amazing city, offering students a great environment, famous entertainment scene and a beautiful seaside combined with fantastic universities. Check out some of our favourite places, especially the ones you won’t see on the most traditional recommendation lists.

Results Day 2020

What you need to decorate your new student room - Abodus Top Tips

With the results day being just around the corner, you’re surely going to be feeling a little unsettled. We recommend focusing on turning your student room into home-away-from-home.