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Starting Uni

Follow our blog posts to get useful information about starting university.

student living sheffield

5 reasons to study in Sheffield

Located in the heart of the United Kingdom, Sheffield offers a unique mix of lively city life, green spaces and a friendly community. With two world-class universities - the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, there are many other reasons which draw students to Sheffield.

Woman rests her head on a friend's shoulder

How We’re Working with Student Minds to Support the Most Impacted Groups

In March of this year, we launched our Gold Partnership with Student Minds, which has supported our ongoing commitment to our residents' health and wellbeing. Over the past two months, we have continued with our commitment through our own means, suc ...

Abodus student accommodation

Why Abodus? 7 Reasons to Choose Abodus as Your Home from Home

Choosing where to live while at university can come as a difficult decision. Don’t you want your accommodation to be somewhere that is “more than just a room?”. Learn more about why choosing Abodus will be one of the best decisions you make for your university career.

studying abroad university

A Step-by-step Guide to Choose a University Abroad

Rather than an international tag on the certificate, studying abroad can level up your life on different levels. To help you make a decision, we are here with a step-by-step guide to choose the perfect University abroad.

finances studying abroad

How to Manage Your Finances While Studying Overseas

When you’re studying abroad, it’s all fun and games until you realise you’re on the verge of being broke! You need a plan to manage your finances. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

new student accommodation

Tips On Settling Into Your New Student Accommodation

Heading off to university can be a scary experience for many reasons. Knowing that you have accommodation lined up is vital.

post graduate student accommodation

What is Post Graduate Depression?

Reality certainly hits post-graduation, and many graduates begin to develop rather bleak emotions, and a hefty amount of stress, in other words, ‘post graduate depression’, also known as ‘graduation depression’. Is It Legitimate? Is It Permanent? Is It Curable?

student accommodation recipes

Top 5 recipes to try in your first month at university

When all the buzz of the first few weeks settles and you start to get into a new university routine, you might find yourself struggling to think of new meal ideas. Check these out!

Brighton student life

Alternative Brighton Student Bucket List

Brighton is an amazing city, offering students a great environment, famous entertainment scene and a beautiful seaside combined with fantastic universities. Check out some of our favourite places, especially the ones you won’t see on the most traditional recommendation lists.

Results Day 2020

What you need to decorate your new student room - Abodus Top Tips

With the results day being just around the corner, you’re surely going to be feeling a little unsettled. We recommend focusing on turning your student room into home-away-from-home.