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Starting Uni

Follow our blog posts to get useful information about starting university.

Brighton student life

Alternative Brighton Student Bucket List

Brighton is an amazing city, offering students a great environment, famous entertainment scene and a beautiful seaside combined with fantastic universities. Check out some of our favourite places, especially the ones you won’t see on the most traditional recommendation lists.

Results Day 2020

What you need to decorate your new student room - Abodus Top Tips

With the results day being just around the corner, you’re surely going to be feeling a little unsettled. We recommend focusing on turning your student room into home-away-from-home.

Student Accommodation resident

Your new uni life - Top 10 things to look forward to in University

Whether it’s making new friends or making use of the array of discounts and student offers, we are sure this list will inspire you and remind you just how amazing it can be to be a student.

Student accommodation wellbeing

Child starting university this September? Here are top things all parents & guardians should know

Leaving for university is a stressful time for both students and their parents. We answer questions about your child’s safety & wellbeing at their student accommodation.

Student Finances

Lock your finances down during lockdown

As it becomes more likely that universities will open from September, now is the time for students to ready themselves for the year ahead. After securing a place at university, sorting out your finance should absolutely be top of your list.

Student accommodation decorations

7 Great Ways To Kit Out Your Student Room #StayHomeWithAbodus

Something you can do to get excited for the future, while you’re stuck at home during Covid-19, is to plan how you’re going to decorate your student room. Get creative!

Leeds Student Accommodation

The top 5 things to be on every Leeds student's bucket list

If you’re a fresher who is (or is thinking of) coming to study and live in student accommodation in Leeds, we put together a list of places to visit and things to do in this beautiful city.

Student preparing for university at home

Top 10 Things You Can Do At Home To Prepare For The First Year In University

It’s difficult to plan in the current climate, but the university is still going to be waiting for you in September. Use this time at home during lockdown to learn some valuable skills.

Newcastle Quayside Sunny View

Why students love Newcastle - The best places to visit in Geordieland

When there are so many universities across the country, how do you pick where to go? One city in particular seems to have managed to attract thousands of students over the years, and that city is Newcastle upon Tyne. With an iconic cityscape, there’ ...

Risks of Landlord Accommodation vs Student Accommodation

Contemporary student accommodation is designed for the modern student lifestyle. It's popularity is due to a large part to a hassle-free option - all inclusive, secure, professional. It is a very different proposition from landlord owned accommodati ...