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Student Wellbeing

Student accommodation wellbeing

Child starting university this September? Here are top things all parents & guardians should know

Leaving for university is a stressful time for both students and their parents. We answer questions about your child’s safety & wellbeing at their student accommodation.

Student Finances

Lock your finances down during lockdown

As it becomes more likely that universities will open from September, now is the time for students to ready themselves for the year ahead. After securing a place at university, sorting out your finance should absolutely be top of your list.

healthy food student accommodation

Healthy foods from around the world to cook at home

Here are some of our favourite dishes from other countries that you can cook at home or even treat your flatmates when you move into your student accommodation later this year.

Two female students at home smiling

Being a good neighbour during coronavirus pandemic #StayHomeWithAbodus

The feeling of helplessness and disconnection caused by Covid-19 are linked to isolation measures in place. Find out how you can be a good neighbour even during a lockdown.

Climate change protest student with a poster

Top 10 documentaries that make the world a better place

When is the last time you immersed yourself in a good documentary? Check out our list - it might inspire you to think about how life is going to look like after the lockdown.

Productive student at student accommodation

How to be productive in isolation #StayHomeWithAbodus

All of us are starting the third week of quarantine in the UK. But whether you're studying or working from home, what can you do to keep productive during this time?

Managing student anxiety

How to Manage Anxiety #StayHomeWithAbodus

Anxiety is a normal part of life and is increasingly prevalent in student communities. We provide some tried and tested approaches to manage anxiety and get it back under control.

Students healthy food at home

How to stay healthy during a lockdown #StayHomeWithAbodus

Stress and boredom can affect your mental and physical health, but with a few smart online tips it’s possible to stay healthy, eat nutritious meals and feel great even during lockdown.

Woman Self Isolating At Home With A Cup of Tea

15 things to do in isolation #StayHomeWithAbodus

With the world currently practising self-isolation and social distancing, we thought we’d find ways to make staying in, the new going out. With Abodus’ 15 things to do in isolation, this should help keep the boredom at bay during the coronavirus.

Happy Student On The Phone

Top Apps For Students To Combat Isolation #StayHomeWithAbodus

When the whole world is on pause, the apps are still running!   Millions of people across the UK and the entire world, including large numbers of students, are now living in a completely new reality due to COVID-19 crisis. Whether you’re in quarant ...