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Procedure for complaints handling

Our aim is to offer our customers an efficient and effective service. We welcome suggestions on how this can be improved.

At Abodus Student Living we receive a lot of feedback from our customers, most of which is positive. However, from time to time problems arise and students may wish to express concern or dissatisfaction with aspects of the accommodation or the quality of services we provide.

Every time our customers voice their dissatisfaction about any aspect of our business, we take their comments seriously, and by responding positively and proactively we will strive to improve the service we offer.

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction requiring a response. This may relate to the standard of our accommodation, maintenance either by one of our in-house team members or a third-party contractor or any other service we provide to our residents or partners.

We would hope that if you have a complaint about our services, we will be able to resolve the issue quickly by our on-site accommodation team based at each site, please speak to a member of the team at reception in the first instance. If this has not resolved your complaint, you may contact one of the Operations Managers below.

Portland Green Student Village
Vicki Wilson- Operations Manager
TEL 0191 484 0110

Louise Henderson - Acting Operations Manager
TEL 0151 236 9425

St Lawrence House
Holly Hermon- Operations Manager
TEL 0117 927 9242
Harbour Court Holly Hermon- Operations Manager
TEL 0117 925 5167

On receipt of your complaint, we will fully investigate and where possible meet with you to
resolve the issue within 10 working days, or provide you with an update and expected
resolution date.


Contact details

Abodus Student Living
Portland Road
T 0191 484 0110