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Booking with us is easy, you can do it all from the comfort of your room. Start your journey here.


Is there a deposit?

You will need to pay a deposit to reserve your room with Abodus Student Living, which is taken during the online booking process.


Portland Green Student Village - £150 deposit


Glassworks - £150 deposit


St Lawrence House - £150 deposit

Harbour Court - £150 deposit

This deposit will be returned to you at the end of your tenancy if you leave your room and flat in the same condition as it was when you moved in and your rent payments are up to date. All deposits are protected by a deposit protection scheme and will be returned within 30 days of the tenancy period ending; if you have incurred any charges for damage to the property or owe rent, these will be taken from the deposit and you will be refunded the difference (if any). For more information about your deposit, feel free to get in touch with us.


You can book at any time. Simply create your application online and select a room.

Please note the summer months leading up to September are a particularly busy time for bookings, so we suggest you get the ball rolling as soon as you can to avoid missing out.


Of course! We can accommodate all university students, so you could stay with us for the duration of your course! You can specify which year of university you are going into when you make your application. This is of course subject to availability and some of our rooms are on nomination agreements with the university.


We require that any tenant living at one of our Abodus sites is 18 or over. If you are still 17 and making a booking, don’t worry - just make sure you will have turned 18 before you move in.


We require that any tenant living at one of our Abodus sites is a student in full/part time education.