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Fees & Costs

If you have booked for 2019/20, your rent will be taken in 3 installments on the following dates:


30th September 2019

13th January 2020

27th April 2020

If you prefer you can also pay in full at the start of your contract.

If you are unable to make your rent payment on or before these dates for whatever reason you must inform the accommodation team at your site either by coming to the reception desk or calling the telephone number on the site web page.


You can pay your rent through the online portal – simply log into your account on our website and  click the option to ‘Pay your rent’.

If you are unable to pay through the online portal, you can pay via bank transfer, or a card payment in person and over the phone.

You can find a sample copy of our contract here.

TV Licence

Any TV provided by Abodus is already covered by our licence. If you have brought your own TV you will require a TV licence. To find out more and apply go to the official TV Licensing Website


We offer free internet access in all our buildings, the speeds are available in our FAQ Wifi section.  If you wish to use a different service with ask4 you can contact them directly for any additional charges


Insurance with is included in your fees.

Personal Possessions up to £7000
Computer Equipments up to £2500. 

You can increase your cover for additional items/elements or value by contacting