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Clearing is a great opportunity to discover a load of options that school leavers don't  even realise they have.

 Get yourself organised in advance of the A-Level results by following our handy clearing tips. 


Be Prepared

Being prepared in advance will increase your chances of having a successful clearing

  1. Make a list of alternative courses and prioritise by the requirements. Make sure to record the Clearing Telephone Number.

  2. Dig out your personal statements, cover letters and make a cheat sheet of why you would be a great candidate for the course

  3. Talk it over - with parents, school advisors, friends... use them as sounding boards

On Results Day

Take stock of your options. If you didn't get the marks you wanted it's not the end of the world. Review your list of alternatives

  1. Check in with your original choice to see if they are revising entry requirements

  2. Start phoning your alternative list - BE PREPARED TO SELL YOURSELF

  3. Gather potential offers but don't add to UCAS Track until you have a confirmed one

How to Manage Your Accommodation

  1. If you have paid a deposit but need to change Uni or City, get in touch with your accommodation provider ASAP. Read the terms and conditions so you understand what you have to submit and in what time period.

  2. Deals will go fast, so book with your new provider quickly if you want to get CashBack or the best value rooms. 

  3. Phone with questions so you don't hold up your booking, the accommodation providers are very busy with new bookings. 




Check Our Cities

You'll find the Abodus experience available in 4 UK cities - Newcastle, Brighton, Bristol and Liverpool... look out for more coming in 2019.

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